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Welcome to my sacred space -- a place to seek and find motivation, inspiration and guidance.

On this path of life, it helps to have teachers and mentors who have gone on a similar journey and can impart some tips along the way.


It is with hope and humility that I serve you in this way.

Overview on Offerings

As my practice has evolved, so have my offerings. Those looking for a challenging physical yoga practice will appreciate the rigor of the Jivamukti classes -- available both online and in-person. Spiritual seekers will appreciate my podcasts, inspirational readings and course work. Warriors will delve into it all -- the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.


Virtual Yoga Classes

Practice from home by zooming into one of my virtual yoga classes. Challenge yourself through my signature style of vinyasa flow, chanting, meditation and yogic philosophy. Class packs are 

available to support your commitment to a consistent, steady practice.

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In-Person Yoga Classes

Join me and other yogis for in-person (live) Jivamukti classes at various studios around New York city and Long Island. Check the class schedule on my website or in my weekly e-newsletter for updates and changes. 

Wilderness Program_key visual.jpg

The Wilderness Program

A 40-day program of self-healing and transformation. Shift your perception from anxiety, fear, worry and lack to joy, love, compassion and freedom. 

The Sacred Cure_key visual.png

The Sacred Cure

A cleanse for the body, mind and soul. A 14-day inner journey designed to cleanse the body and soul -- to heal the physical, mental and spiritual self -- through what you eat (and don't eat), journaling,  yoga and meditation.

November 7- November 20

Awaken to Love_inclusivity.jpg

Awaken to

This course is about learning more deeply about ourselves, our inner life and healing the wounded parts of ourself.  Then if we desire, what will follow will be a relationship with a life partner.

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